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New Trends for the New Year!
New Year brings new beginnings. With that in mind, the living space that has been getting most attention recently is without doubt the bathroom. Once, just a simple wash room and nothing more, today the bathroom has become one of the focal points of residential design. It is here that people reconnect to their bodies and spend some precious time on themselves. And this is how the bathroom has become a temple of relaxation and well-being.
For this space to fully achieve that, though, a number of exciting solutions must be found to make it both aesthetically satisfying and highly practical.
Sanitary fixtures should also be ultralight and discreet, so they don’t have to match at all costs. Basins, toilets and bidets are now usually seen as independent style elements, preferably equipped with all available comforts. These include ergonomic seats that heat up when you move near them and silent technology that automatically siphons off any unpleasant odors.
This clearly indicates that one of the key factors in recent home furnishing trends is comfort.
Another factor that is evident is modularity. Tailor made is the new religion, so all furnishings must offer an ample color range and numerous finishes that will fit not only the style of individual homes, but also the tastes of those who live there.
Classic black and white remains popular, but there are also a number of new colors to the home furnishing party. These focus particularly on tones that have been subtly transformed by Nature, like bleached wood, earth and sand.
This trend continues into the floor and wall tile sector where ceramics now offer the same natural appeal as wood and all the fascinating uniqueness of its timeworn knots and grains.
Hot Stuff at the Hospitality Design Show 2018

Import Tile Center showcased its hottest and newest products at the HD Show in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas. Every year our team worked with so much enthusiasm to display our most innovative products to the distinctive taste makers in the design community from all over the US and abroad. The hottest items were “Art” and “Deco” lines from Pamesa from Spain with over 29 combined designs.

ART is an encaustic look decorative porcelain tile with 13 geometric and organic shape designs and variety of beautiful colors. Each make a different statement.

Deco is a terrazzo look decorative porcelain tile with 16 creative deigns, from geometric to organic shape, each bring a fashion statement to your space.

Thank you for your participation and your interest in our series. Please contact us for any questions.

Meet us at HD Expo 2018

Meet us at HD Expo 2018

Are you ready to explore the possibilities, stimulate your mind and stretch your creativity?
HD Expo is the industry’s leading hospitality conference and trade show. Presented by Hospitality Design magazine, it offers an unmatched level of new products and services, inspiration, idea sharing and networking for hospitality professionals. Learn from top industry thought leaders and experts, and explore the best available hospitality project resources on the show floor. The introductions made at HD Expo create relationships that last far beyond the show floor. HD Expo 2018 is more than just the premier event to showcase hospitality design products and services. It’s a catalyst for longstanding industry relationships.

HD Expo provides the tools, products, and services hospitality professionals need to turn today’s challenges into tomorrow’s solutions. Discover the latest in interior commercial design while learning ingenious ideas that make doing business in the hospitality business easier than ever.

Attendees can earn CEU/LU educational credits through accredited hospitality conference sessions led by internationally-recognized industry experts and thought-leaders. There are topics and networking opportunities for every industry professional, from hoteliers to commercial designers to purchasing firms.

Explore new ways to view design through HD Expo’s exceptional lineup of industry speakers and conference topics. HD Expo’s Social Hub is the heart of the show floor and brings the sessions out of the conference room. It’s where presentations become conversations about industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. Register today to learn more about topics that are both timely and enlightening, with unique perspectives from both industry visionaries and suppliers.
Presenting new collections of most unique, innovative porcelain tiles:

“Deco”, “ART” and “Lounge”

Visit us in booth #5466




Anti Slip floor tiles are given a resistance rating to help grade the non slip level differed by a particular tile. This is known as the “R” value. R11 and R12 is the resistance recommended by many professionals for public wet areas such as showers in a changing room. Whereas R9 and R10 values are often used and recommended for domestic Bathroom Tiles or Kitchen Tiles where the risk of slipping is less.
The tile industry refers to the draft informative index (ISO 10545) classification of Ceramic Tiles according to their slip resistance. This classification has been obtained by testing tiles in both wet and dry conditions prior to installation. An understanding of the measurement of the coefficient of friction and the importance of slip resistance for different types of Anti Slip Tiles is essential to avoid and reduce the risk of slip related incidents.
Saunas, bathrooms, swimming pools, water centers, SPA procedure rooms, kitchens, operation rooms etc. 0,64 and more.
(where the floor is always wet)
low (friction 0,44-0,64)
Places like: foyers, lobbies, entries etc. (places where floor is sometimes wet)

Dressing rooms, toilets etc.
(where the floor is sometimes wet)

Living rooms, halls etc.
(where the floor is never wet)

Standard of Germany used for Footwear traffic
Standard of Germany used for Bare Foot traffic

R9 <0.2 COF:
Tiles will mostly be smooth glazed tiles which will record this low value when wet. These tiles should only be used in dry situations and should be excluded from wet environments.

R10 >0.2 COF<0.4 COF:
Tiles will usually be glazed tiles which show these values only when wet, although there may also be a small number of unglazed tiles in this category. Besides domestic bathrooms, where the use of a bathmat is essential, they may be considered for other domestic areas such as kitchens, and other areas which are dry.

R11 + R12 >0.4 COF<0.7COF:
Tiles will include some glazed tiles and most unglazed tiles. If a tile has this CoF as a minimum, dry and wet, it may be regarded as safe for installations including bathrooms, kitchens, porches, halls, cloakrooms, and living rooms. They may also be used for public areas such as cloakrooms, lavatories, communal showers,swimming pool surrounds, and larger areas such as shopping centers, airport concourses, hotel foyers, public walkways, etc.

Happy Holidays!

From all of us at Import Tile Center. We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. Thank you for making this another special year!

Happy Holidays!

Flash Sale

Feel in harmony with nature.
Natura is a high quality porcelain tile with textures reminiscent of distressed hardwood. The warm colors are inspired by nature. This harmonious porcelain tile is easy to clean, resistant to wear and non-slip which makes it ideal for residential and light commercial use both indoors and outdoors.

Stock on hand only.

Size: 12×24


From all of us to you on Halloween!

HD SHOW 2017 Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

HD Show 2017 was a great success. After months of preparations, we arrived at Mandalay Bay convention center for installation. The scene of the before and after at the convention center is surreal. Forklifts moving the palettes and boxes. There was mayhem everywhere but well organized and maintained. After hours of preparations finally our booth is put together and we were ready to showcase our unique porcelain tiles. The next day was pure excitement connecting with the decision makers, specifiers, designers, architects and developers in the design community from all over the world.
We owe our success in our products as they just speak for themselves. Tiles are thoughtfully sourced by our experienced team to satisfy the creative culture of the design community. Our collections of Wood Look Tile, Concrete Look Tile, Stone Look Tile and Fabric Look Tile are from the most reputable manufacturers using the most advanced and cutting edge technology.
Using innovative Italian ink jet glazing technology, an innovation which allows tile makers to produce the smallest details with endless variation. The result is a tile with all the beauty and character of wood, concrete and stone, but with the added value of extreme durability and easy maintenance. The perfect marriage of technology and artistry. Most porcelain tiles are well suited for both commercial and residential projects, both indoors and out.


HD Expo is the premier trade show and hospitality conference for its industry. It remains at the forefront by offering the newest and most innovative products and services, encouraging and sharing ideas, providing inspiration and connecting hospitality professionals. Visit us at HD Expo in Las Vegas and check out what’s new. We will be featuring our new collections MIKASA, BACKSTAGE, GIO, ONE, LIN_SIDE, COTTO FAENZE, NATURE PLUS, as well as our other lines from Italy and Spain
The show runs from May 3-5 at Mandalay Bay and is focused on the Hospitality Design industry. You won’t want to miss it!

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas NV
May 3-5
booth #5176

Welcome to Import Tile Center Showroom A

Welcome to Import Tile Center Showroom the biggest importers of tiles, where you can find unique porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, hand made tiles, glass, natural stones, mosaics and metal all under one roof.

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